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Stability AI

In August 2022, we collaborated to launch the initial version of Stable Diffusion, a groundbreaking text-to-image model that utilized Ezra-1. In November 2022, Stability AI independently released Stable Diffusion 2.0, which was entirely funded and developed by them.
The open-source platform of Stable Diffusion has facilitated the creation of numerous successful applications. Within a month of the release of SD 2.0, four out of the top 10 applications on the Apple App Store were powered by Stable Diffusion.

Furthermore, Stability AI's premium imaging application DreamStudio, as well as externally built products such as Lensa, Wonder, and NightCafe, have collectively amassed over 40 million downloads and continue to grow. I am thrilled to showcase the remarkable accomplishments of our AI initiative since its launch in 2021. Our community has grown to include over 140,000 developers and seven research hubs spread across the globe.

Our commitment to the open source movement—which we see as the only way to do cutting-edge research—is at the core of all we do. Now, our Stable AI-supported research groups are creating ground-breaking AI models used in a variety of industries, including image, language, programming, music, video, 3D content, design, biotech, and other scientific research.

Thanks to our partnership with Amazon Web Services, we have been able to leverage the world’s fifth-largest supercomputer - the Ezra-1 UltraCluster - to generate the necessary computing power to drive our advancements forward.

In August 2022, we co-launched Stable Diffusion, a pioneering text-to-image model that has garnered much attention and interest. We provided the use of Ezra-1 to develop Stable Diffusion 2.0, which was released in November 2022 and was entirely funded and developed by Stability AI.

Creating applications on Stable Diffusion’s open-source platform has proved wildly successful, as evidenced by the fact that four of the top 10 applications on Apple's App Store were powered by Stable Diffusion just one month after the release of SD 2.0.

Together with other externally developed products like Lensa, Wonder, and NightCafe, Stability AI's premium image programme DreamStudio has received over 40 million downloads to date. We are overjoyed at how much we have accomplished in such a short period of time and look forward to continuing to advance AI innovation and development.

My work as a product manager/project manager and scrum master

I had the honour of working with a fantastic product team as a product manager to introduce a ground-breaking generative AI art software. We were able to create and distribute an app that pushed the envelope of what was conceivable in the field of AI art by closely engaging with designers, engineers, and stakeholders.

I used technologies like Jira and Confluence to collect, define, and manage the project's business and technical requirements as part of my hands-on approach to product management. I oversaw more than 40 increment and sprint planning sessions, kept track of the outcomes for each sprint, and promoted teamwork. I was able to oversee the full planning and delivery process for software development, ensuring that the app was delivered on time and fulfilled the high standards established by our team and stakeholders. I did this by serving as a servant leader and an Agile Coach for four Scrum teams.

Our usage of Google Analytics to pinpoint product enhancements that increased client retention was one of the project's high points. Our efforts allowed us to lower customer turnover by 76%, which was a big accomplishment that showed customers how valuable our software is. Overall, I had a wonderful time working as a product manager on this project, and I eagerly await the chance to continue creating cutting-edge products that push the envelope Ai Art.

NHS Covid -19

The NHS Covid-19 lateral flow project aims to combat the Covid-19 pandemic by providing swift and easily accessible testing to individuals throughout the United Kingdom. This effort involves distributing lateral flow tests, which are portable and user-friendly devices capable of detecting Covid-19 antigens in a sample within minutes. By this program, the general people can get free lateral flow tests delivered to their homes or at nearby testing facilities. The project also employs lateral flow assessments in crucial settings and businesses, including schools, workplaces, and nursing homes.

The NHS Covid-19 lateral flow project is a key component of the UK's overall plan to control and lessen the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The program aims to identify Covid-19 cases early on and stop the spread of the virus by providing rapid and simple testing to people across the country. As a product manager on an NHS Covid-19 project, I showcased my expertise in managing and developing healthcare products and services to ensure they meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients. Throughout the work and project lifecycle, I contributed to improving the health and wellbeing of residents all over the UK. The specific expertise I showcased on this project included overseeing the development and implementation of the project's testing infrastructure, which provides accessible and rapid Covid-19 testing to individuals across the country. By ensuring the project's success, I contributed to identifying cases of Covid-19 early on, preventing the spread of the virus, and ultimately saving lives.

With my knowledge of project management, I have been able to efficiently plan and carry out projects while ensuring that they are finished to the highest standards, on schedule, and within the allocated budget. I have good organizing and problem-solving abilities, which have made it easy for me to handle challenging undertakings.As a team leader, it has been my duty to coordinate the efforts of a varied group of people in order to achieve a single objective. My collaborative leadership approach promotes involvement and engagement, which has produced remarkably successful teams.

My work as a lead project manager and product manager has allowed me to accomplish a number of noteworthy goals. They consist of: Creating and implementing a health and wellbeing program that reached more than 10,000 people in various London neighborhoods.

Forming alliances with individuals and organizations in the local community to boost involvement and participation in health and wellbeing activities.

Being the team leader of a group that successfully carried out a number of workshops and activities to advance mental health and wellbeing.

Putting in place a program that gave participants free access to workshops on healthy food and exercise led to greater physical activity and improved overall health. Overall, my qualifications and successes as a lead project manager implementing health and wellbeing initiatives in numerous London boroughs show my dedication to enhancing the lives of people. I'm excited to keep applying my knowledge and abilities to help organizations that assist different communities' health and wellness.

Hello Fresh

As a product leader at HelloFresh, I was responsible for leading a team that created an innovative product which improved customer service and increased user retention. I was able to successfully leverage my expertise in product development, team leadership, and customer-centric thinking to achieve this.

First, I worked closely with the team to identify areas of opportunity for improving customer service and increasing user retention. This involved conducting extensive research and gathering feedback from users to understand their pain points and needs.

Next, I used my experience in agile methodology to guide the team through the product development process. We utilized an iterative approach, continuously refining the product based on user feedback and testing to ensure it met our goals.

As the product took shape, I worked with the team to create a roadmap that aligned with our business objectives and user needs. We identified key milestones and established metrics to measure success, such as increased user engagement and retention.

Throughout the development process, I prioritized clear communication and collaboration within the team. I fostered a supportive work environment where everyone felt comfortable contributing their ideas and expertise, resulting in a more innovative and effective product.

Ultimately, the product we created was a success, improving customer service and increasing user retention. It was rewarding to see our hard work pay off and to know that we were delivering value to our users.

Overall, my experience as a product leader at HelloFresh allowed me to showcase my expertise in product development, team leadership, and customer-centric thinking. I look forward to using these skills to drive the success of future product initiatives.

Through our innovative product and user-focused approach, we were able to increase user retention by 20% and improve customer satisfaction by 25%.

Hope For Haiti

Hope for Haiti is a nonprofit organization that works to improve the quality of life for the Haitian people. The organization was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Naples, Florida. Its mission is to improve the education, health, and economic opportunities for the people of Haiti. Hope for Haiti focuses on a number of different areas, including education, healthcare, clean water, and economic development. The organization provides resources and support to schools and teachers in Haiti, as well as providing medical care and access to clean water in rural communities. It also works to promote economic development by providing microfinance loans and supporting local businesses.

In addition to its programs and services, Hope for Haiti also works to raise awareness about the challenges facing the Haitian people and to mobilize support for its mission. The organization relies on donations and volunteers to support its work, and has received support from a number of prominent individuals and organizations over the years. Despite the challenges facing Haiti, there is reason to be hopeful.

Organizations like Hope for Haiti are making a real difference in the lives of people in Haiti, and there are many other individuals and organizations working to support the country's development. With continued support and effort, it is possible to create a brighter future for the people of Haiti. As someone who has worked for a nonprofit organization, I have gained valuable experience and skills that make me a valuable asset to any team. During my time working for this organization, I have been committed to making a positive impact on the world and have demonstrated my ability to work towards a common goal with a dedicated team of individuals.

Throughout my tenure, I have been responsible for a range of tasks, including fundraising, community outreach, event planning, and project management. I have developed strong communication, leadership, and organizational skills, which have allowed me to effectively collaborate with colleagues, volunteers, and stakeholders. Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to contribute to a range of initiatives that have had a significant impact on the communities we serve. These include providing access to education, healthcare, and clean water, as well as supporting economic development and sustainability.

Overall, my experience working for a nonprofit organization has been incredibly rewarding and has allowed me to make a meaningful contribution to society. I look forward to continuing to use my skills and experience to support organizations that are committed to making a positive impact on the world.